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Gutter cleaning can be awkward. The North Shore suburbs are affected by storm debris, seasonal changes and birds looking for comfy nesting spots. Regular gutter cleaning is essential. If you don’t like cleaning them yourself, contact Steve at North Shore Roof Repairs on 1300 764 456.

Roofs, gutters and exteriors are very often out of sight, out of mind and you won’t even know there’s a problem until it’s too late. They can also harbour germs and viruses.

We are the roof and gutter cleaning experts in Sydney.

We are fully qualified to work at heights with full insurance and public liability. With our high powered vacuum we will clean your gutters and have them back to working the way they should.

Blocked gutters can cause roofing issues

  • Heavy rain starts coming through your ceiling
  • Your gutters become host to a pest infestation
  • Dry debris in your gutter creates a serious fire hazard

Blocked gutters can cause serious problems in the long run

Tired of your gutters being full of leaves and debris and not working properly when it rains?

Unfortunately, blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your property.

Leaf and debris on your roof and in your gutters dry out quickly in the sun and can create a serious fire hazard. In the event of bushfires, flying cinders can very easily ignite dry debris lodged on your roof and in your roof gutters. It is a serious fire hazard that can be easily remedied. NSW Fire and Emergency Services strongly recommends that roof gutters are cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of losing your house to fire.

Most people who live in the bush are well aware of 2 golden rules. Clean a fire break around your house and clean your roof gutters of all flammable debris.

Additionally, heavy rain can cause blocked downpipes and gutters to overflow and to flood ceilings which can cause major damage to the inside of your home or business.

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