How Long Does a roof repair take?

  • Roof repair takes approximately 3 to 5 days.
  • This is depends on the weather, colour choice and the amount of work involved in the process.

How much does a roof repair cost?

  • The average roof restoration starts at $3500 plus GST but can be as low as $2500 plus GST or up to $4500 plus GST for larger roofs.
  • This depends on the size of the home, condition of the roof and if it is a single or double story.

A roofing contractor with 32 years of experience

North Shore Roof Repairs is operated by Steve Moore. Steve has extensive experience providing roof restoration and leaking roof repairs throughout the North Shore for more than 32 years. He learned the trade from his father. His brother is also a roofing contractor. With the knowledge passed down, Steve knows how to resolve all types of minor and major roofing issues.

Fully qualified we aim to please every customer with high quality workmanship and friendly, professional service.

Your roof will look entirely new after we have completed our roofing services. We replace all chipped and broken tiles, replace rusted valley irons, pressure-clean your roof with 3,500PSI water pressure and remove, re-bed and point all cement work. Then we paint your roof with high quality Roof Protect roofing membrane.

Roofing Quotes

Get absolute peace of mind against leaking roofs.

With North Shore Roof Repairs, you’ll receive a highly competitive quote from an experienced tradesman. No pushy sales people or unnecessary services that run up the bill without any real additional benefits.

The quote we offer will be the final price you receive. You'll always be in control of the budget for your roof painting service.

We use only the best quality products including Roof Protect Roof Membrane.

How long does roof membrane last?

  • We provide a 10 year warranty for roof painting.
  • Paint will fade over time.
  • Using a quality coating and done with the right preparation your newly painted roof will last approximately 10 years.

There are several steps involved when we restore a roof. To restore your roof to its absolute best, we use quality products and our tried and tested methods.


The first thing we do is install some safety measures—a roof rail or edge protection. This will keep the roof safe for our workers.

Next we will make any needed repairs to the roof. This includes, among other things, repointing and repairing the ridge capping, replacing tiles, fixing any flashing that may be broken. We do any and all repairs that are needed, before restoring the roof.

We thoroughly clean the roof using high-pressure water blasters. This removes all the dirt and moss build-up, leaving a fresh surface for the roof restoration paint to adhere to.

Our first coat on the roof is a primer/sealer made by Industrial Roof Coatings.  The properties in this roof coating create a solid barrier and prevent absorption of calcium salts from the concrete tile. This primer coat protects the roof membrane giving a much better look for your roof restoration. Our CT primer helps the roofing membrane hold its gloss and colour for a far longer period than most concrete primers.

Next, we apply 2 x coats of Roof Protect from Industrial Roof Coatings. This high quality roof paint is the absolute best product on the market today. Because we're an accredited applicator, we can offer you up to a 15-year warranty on the paint use. This is a game changer! We can also apply an optional clear glaze to extend the life of the paint, although we don't recommend using this on a metal or Colorbond roof.

Finally, we fully clean the site and remove any rubbish. Then our lead supervisor and quality control administrator fully checks over the roof restoration. Once you're completely happy with the job, we will sign off on the job for you.

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